Buy scrumptious Snacks From LAAC-Door To Door. Order Now!
Buy scrumptious Snacks From LAAC-Door To Door. Order Now!
Buy scrumptious Snacks From LAAC-Door To Door. Order Now!
Buy scrumptious Snacks From LAAC-Door To Door. Order Now!

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India: An unexplored paradise for vegan Super Snacks

Understated. Here’s why India is a vegan paradise.

Today, when we think of India, we think of three things: the captivating cadences of  music, rocketing popularity of its regional cinema, and most importantly, the fresh yet flavorful landscape of super snacks.

While a significant part of India’s population is vegetarian due to different traditional/religious beliefs, for a vegan, India is paradise. In a standard vegetarian diet, dairy products like butter, ghee, and paneer are consumed abundantly in the North. While the journey of conscious veganism is yet to transition from the fringe into the mainstream in India, a major part of South Indian super snacks is already vegan without even trying.

If you’re thinking about dosas, idli and sambar rice, Samosa , Laddoo etc. and how healthy or sustainable it is to adhere to this carb-heavy diet, you can set your worries aside, because most of Indian food ranks high in its overall nutritional value and moreover has the two most controversial ‘P’ words in the vegan community covered: protein and probiotics.

Delhi-based dietitian Kavita Devgan, in an interview with India Today, talked about the health benefits of most of the Indian south indian super snacks owing to most of the foods being fermented. She said fermented food items have three great advantages over other food items: they are easier to digest, have a higher nutritional value, and they give a boost to gut health.

“Your body needs to put in less energy to consume most of the Indian cuisine and leads to good bacteria intake in the body. Fermented food also gives a boost to the gut health of the human body. Regular consumption of “ South Indian super Snacks leads to overall good gut health,” said Devgan.

Apart from these, there are many staple ingredients used in South Indian Snacks that are vegan remarkably beneficial for good health. Here’s a list of vegan superfoods found in South Indian super snacks . If you live in South Asia, chances are you have most of these in your kitchen, or they’re readily available in the vicinity.

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